How to accelerate Renewable Energy integration

Chairperson’s Message

The Paris Agreement in COP21 is the agreement applicable to all participants of parties for the first time in history and serves as a turning point with an eye toward a decarbonized society. Under the Agreement, the greenhouse gas emissions are to be reduced dramatically to almost zero by the end of this century. With this long-term goal in the Paris Agreement, it is important for us to accelerate strategic efforts and initiatives carbon emission reduction in energy demand and supply.
The practical challenge to achieve is low- carbonization of energy supply, energy conversion, and energy conservation including smart integration of renewable energy in maximum both in supply and demand sides. Financial strategy, policy initiatives and advanced technology development must be associated with them. Intelligence and cutting edge technology are indispensable in the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanics, physics, chemicals, biology, architecture, civil, mathematics, meteorology, sociology, systems, finance, and integrated management.
We have great expectation and feel glad to have discussion about these crucial issues through the 900 papers’ presentation covering 12 areas of renewable energies. Plenary session by the invited speakers, more than 15 experts, from all over the world are also programmed. International exhibition is held in parallel.
We, Organizing Committee, welcome all those participating in Grand Renewable Energy 2018 Conference, and look forward to seeing in Yokohama.

Prof. Kazuhiko Ogimoto,
General Chairperson,
the University of Tokyo
Dr. Yoshiro Owadano,
General Deputy Chairperson,
Honorary Researcher, AIST
Dr. Dave Renne,
Co-Organizer and Chairman,
ISES President

Conference Significance and Aim

(1)Implementation of the former Conference, Grand RE2014 International Conference
We will do the international conference, for the sake of following commitment which was exchanged among all participants in the former conference, Grand RE2014 held for July 27 to August 1, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight. The communique says, "We, the specialists involved in the field of renewable energy technologies and their policies, accept the technical and policy challenges. We will continue to contribute to growing the renewable energy market to realize a sustainable world. The Grand Renewable Energy 2018 International Conference, to be held in Japan, will provide an opportunity to assess the work and to share the accomplishments that will be done in the next four years." This conference is four times in Japan with our initiative such as the year of 2006, 2010, 2014, and this time, 2018.
(2)Renewable Energy is indispensable energy to stop the global warming
As clarified in Paris Agreement, COP21, the global warming issue is the crucial subject for which we must tackle. Our country, Japan, also numerical target of renewable energy was incorporated into the National Energy Basic Plan. It is not exaggerated to say that the development of renewable energy utilization technology became the inseparable age really with country economic growth. We will do the presentation and discussion on every kind of renewable energy areas and sharing them in the conference resulting in connection and acceleration to the industrialization aiming to CO2 decrease and to the initiatives of resident power viewpoint. Innovation and creativity are key word, but important other words are high efficiency, high operability, reliance, cost, and commodity. We think about such program that all those in various levels can be satisfied to participate.
(3)To share innovative ideas and projects in the conference and release them to the world
Japan experienced tremendous earthquake with magnitude 9 , occurred at east Japan on March 11, 2011 with associating unexpected giant tsumami, which had caused close to 20,000 fatal loss, plus the inexperienced accident of nuclear power plants in Fukushima. Japan has had tackled recovery plan and continued now and then. Looking at the world, global warming suppression is urgent matter. Coping these issues, we have developed new projects involving renewable energy using innovative ideas. Open presentation and discussion in the conference about ongoing project, experiences and research result are quite significant toward the development of 21 century technology, considering moreover the various worldwide intelligences gather together.
(4)To contribute to the development of young generation talents having global sense
We provide the venue where young talent researchers and engineers present the performance by own paper, and it is ideal that the result of paper is to be prevailed internationally. For support, we plan to arrange promotion of papers in collaboration with renowned academy associations or J-Stage. We do the active support to the personal development for the sake of sustainable renewable energy deployment.
(5)To realize the first-class international conference
As same as past three times ones, exhibition is held covering all areas of renewable energy at the same venue during the latter half of conference period. We consider the conference and exhibition are just same as vehicle wheels. Participants of the conference can enter the exhibition free, and the visitors to the exhibition can listen and join to the discussion if the pre-determined fee is paid. Widen the wheel, bigger the conference, and Renewable Energy World Fair becomes more vital and energetic, we will do our best to be so.

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