Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation
Oral and Poster presentations with short time discussion are the main part of the conference. Parallel session among areas is planned during the conference. All papers are presented in English.
Plenary Session
Each plenary session is composed of presentation by Invited Speakers, who are globally selected from each area of 12 in total.
Opening and Keynote Speeches
Opening and Keynote Speeches are planned in PM of Monday, June 18. Welcome speeches by Organizing Committee Chairman, Guests from Central Governments, following them, five Keynote Speeches by those most suitable to the conference are planned. Please see Keynote Speakers in detail. Then, the panel discussion is planned subject to the conference theme, "How to accelerate Renewable Energy Integration".
Workshop, Forum and Event
These are categorized in the official program of Grand RE2018 International Conference, thus, conference registrants can attend with your conference pass.
Special Session
Special sessions are sessions jointly opened with Grand RE2018 International Conference. You need to register to each session in each organizer's specified way. The registration and program details will be updated in each organization website, linked through “Special Sessions” Page of this home page.
Official & Social Program
Conference technical tour is planned. Social program will be also planned. Detail is shown in "Official & Social Program" of this home page.
All conference registrants can visit free with your conference pass. Detail of Exhibition is shown in "Exhibition" of this home page.

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